1. Antelope Island State Park/ Salt Flats /Great Salt Lake
  2. Thanksgiving Point
  3. Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum
  4. Children’s Discovery Garden at Thanksgiving Point
  5. Farm County at Thanksgiving Point*
  6. Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point*
  7. Antelope Island Rock Cliff Nature Center
  8. Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge/Wildlife Education Center
  9. Fish Hatchery
  10. Genetic Science Learning Center
  11. Hogle Zoo*
  12. Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum
  13. Ouray National Wildlife refuge - Green River, Randlett
  14. Red Butte Garden - Salt Lake City
  15. The Living Planet Aquarium- Biomes! 
  16. Tracy Aviary
  17. Utah House and Utah Botanical Center - Kaysville
  18. Utah Nature Conservancy Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve Visitors Center
  19. Ogden Nature Center - Ogden
  20. Stokes Nature Center - Logan
  21. Snowshoeing With a Naturalist
  22. Bioblitz
  23. Museum of Natural Curiosity*


  1. BYU National Chemistry Week demonstrations (Third week in October)*

Earth Science

  1.  BYU Museum of Paleontology* (dinosaurs) - Provo
  2. Odgen Eccles Dinosaur Park
  3. Antelope Island State Park/ Salt Flats /Great Salt Lake
  4. Thanksgiving Point
  5. Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum
  6. Arches National Park – Moab
  7. Barrick Mining Museum - Toole
  8. Bryce Canyon National Park - Bryce 
  9. Dinosaur museum - Blanding
  10. Escalante Petrified Forest State Park
  11. Goblin Valley State Park - Green River
  12. Grand Canyon National Park – Grand Canyon, Arizona
  13. Great Basin National Park/Lehman Caves - Baker, Nevada
  14. Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation Visitors Center- Bingham
  15. KSL weather/television studio
  16. NOAA weather station
    • Note: Only like groups of 15 or more
  17. Oquirrh Mining Museum -Toole
  18. Project WEST - Salt Lake City
    • Graduate Students from Geology/Geophysics will lead field trips 
  19. Simplot phosphate Mine - Vernal
  20. Timpanogos Cave National Monument - Alpine
  21. Tintic Mining Museum - Eureka, Utah
  22. Trans- Jordan Landfill - South Jordan
  23. U-Dig - Past Delta
  24. Utah Geological Survey - Salt Lake City
  25. Utah Museum of Natural History
  26. Wasatch Mountain State Park - Midway
  27. Western Mining and Railroad Museum - Helper
  28. Yellowstone National Park (geysers)
  29. Zion’s National Park- Springdale
  30. Timpanogos Cave
  31. Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point*
  32. Homestead Crater
  33. Canyonlands National Park
  34. The Salt Flats


  1.  The Leonardo- Utah Science and Technology Museum


  1. AstroCamp -Ogden
  2. BYU Planetarium -Provo
  3. Clark Planetarium - Salt Lake
  4. CMSEC Space Center at Central School, Pleasant Grove (still functioning temporarily)*
  5. FarPoint at Renaissance Academy  - Highland (Opening Fall 2014)
  6. Utah Valley Astronomy Association - Orem
  7. UVU Planetarium - Orem
  8. iWorlds*


  1. BYU Physics Department Acoustics Outreach and Tours
  2. Discovery Gateway - Salt Lake*

Engineering and Technology

  1. BYU  Broadcasting building tours
  2. Hill Aerospace Museum
  3. LDS motion picture studios
    • Phone: (801) 422-6645
    • E-mail:
  4. Toole Valley Railraod Museum
  5. Apple Store (Fall 2013)
  6. Adobe (?)
  7. Micron (?)
  8. Lego League*
  9. Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point*
  10. University of Utah Computer and Technology Classes
  11. Utah Stem Fest 
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  1. I might have missed it on one of your pages, but I wanted to recommend U-Dig. Its a fossil quarry out past Delta where you can go dig for trilobite fossils. My husband and son just went this week and found a ton in just two hours. They had a blast. This is the website

    1. Megan, thanks so much for the idea! We've added it to the blog! We LOVE to hear of new field trips. Thank you so much for your input!

  2. Oh, I see the fish hatchery right here! Thanks!