Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Virtually Free BYU Football and Basketball tickets

If you enjoy taking your kids to the BYU football and basketball games here is a great opportunity.  We used to do this with the kids and the number of tickets were just right for the amount of things the kids were involved in.

For $50 each kids gets:
4 tickets to football games
8 tickets to basketball games
t- shirt

go to Visit Cosmocougar.com

Definitely worth the fun!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Fantastic Experience for Boys and Girls

Honestly an experience you wouldn't want your children to miss.

Boys: Mastering Knighthood

"Every boy has a hero inside of him, ready and waiting to break free and save the world. Through our youth mentoring and Summit, Mastering Knighthood helps to unlock that hero and set him on his course. To get involved, please look over the details for Summit and consider enrolling your son and/or becoming a volunteer. Together we can change the world, one hero at a time!"

Couldn't have put this better. This was such a fantastic experience for my boy and I would want every boy to have the opportunity.  Registration usually opens around June.  This fills up quickly and so worth it.


Girls: Virtue Summit

"Summit is an event for young girls, ages 8-12 and their fathers. It is a simulation in which the girls, referred to as “handmaidens”, participate in a medieval-type plot where they have the opportunity through play and imagination to learn what it means to be a real Princess. A Princess is a daughter of God and therefore, her actions are consistent with her divine heritage. She is virtuous and courageous. Handmaidens will overcome challenges and learn that they can do hard things. They are mentored throughout the day by loving youth leaders and adults in a safe environment. At the end of the day, Fathers arrive as escorts to a Royal Feast and Ball to celebrate!"

Registration usually in March and the event is usually held in June.  


Probably one of the best homeschool experiences out there!